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What does PHARE stand for?

PHARE stands for People Hailing Affordable Rides Easily. We are trying to make travelling not only safe and affordable, but easy for everyone to enjoy.

Is PHARE Rideshare available in Tobago?

Yes indeed. We have drivers on both islands and cater to locals and visitors who want a hassle-free way to get around. So whether you’re going to work, school, play or pray on the sister isle, we’ve got you covered.

Can I pay the driver cash?

The cash payment option is only available to pre-approved passengers who provided photo identification as part of their verification process. Everyone else has to upload their credit card or Visa debit card details to their PHARE Rider app.

Who owns PHARE Rideshare?

PHARE Rideshare is part of Enterprise Hub Limited, a company established in Trinidad and Tobago.

How do your fares compare to other rideshare companies in Trinidad and Tobago?

The fares are determined by a process of negotiation between the rider and the driver via the app. This usually results in an agreed fare that is lower than other rideshare options.

Does having negotiated fares mean that drivers will make less money?

Yes and no. A PHARE Rideshare driver might earn less than a driver who is on a different rideshare platform for a single ride. However, because of more affordable pricing, a PHARE Rideshare driver can expect to get more rides, meaning they earn more overall.

How safe is rideshare?

Ridesharing or ridehailing usually involves vetting of drivers and the use of in-app safety features like journey sharing and emergency buttons that make it safer in many ways than using regular taxis or private hire cars (PH cars as they are called in Trinidad and Tobago.) At PHARE Rideshare we have gone a step further with our technology features and KYC (Know your Customer) measures that help to keep our drivers and riders as safe and secure as humanly possible. Read more about safety here.

Who is the Dodo?

Ah, that’s for us to know and you to find out! Here’s a clue: The Dodo is someone who is slow to move with the times, and who thinks everything new is bad. They can usually be found on crowded taxi stands, stranded late at night, or taking out a sou sou to be able to use another rideshare app. If you see them somewhere, just them to get with the programme by downloading the PHARE Rideshare app and using it instead of whatever they’re currently using to get around.

What happens if I forget an item e.g. a phone or handbag in a driver’s vehicle?

The onus is on riders to remember to take their belongings when exiting the vehicle but of course things happen. If you’ve left an item in a vehicle, please contact as us soon as you realise, and we will reach out to the driver to let them know and try to arrange for it to be retrieved.

What if a rider causes damage or makes a mess in the vehicle that needs to be cleaned up?

In the event that happens, riders will be charged for any damage or major mess caused during a ride.

Do you have Deaf drivers?

Yes, we welcome Deaf and hard of hearing drivers on the PHARE platform.